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We were commissioned to build a new Barqy, the Barq's Root Beer Dog. Originally made in Canada, he was featured in a series of large posters (think Bus ads and supermarket point-of-sale displays).

When it came time to make more in the series, production moved to the United States, and they wanted a new Barqy.

You can see from the picture that Barqy's insides are made of corks which enabled him to be posed by pushing skewers through his fur into the corks from the side away from the camera. (Ouch!!!)

His body, tail and legs were connected with copper wire, allowing him to be posed in any dog-like position.

For several years, every carton of Barq's featured our Barqy, proudly biting the E in Bite. Good Barqy.

Alas, in 2012 or so, Barqy's image was removed from all packaging and posters.
and he is now only a fond memory.

Boo, Hiss!
Artist's concept drawing of poster
Final Poster
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