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Dear Readers,
We’ve had a wonderful time putting these issues together.
We’ve been educated and initiated into the wonderful world of puppets! Steve Overton of the Olde World Puppet Theatre, added new meaning to the word “puppet” for me. Watching him design and carefully build Carmen, then bring her to vibrant life before my eyes with his masterful manipulation of her strings, was enthralling!
You might be asking, Why would Steve design a puppet for the Cloth Doll Magazine? I think the answer lies in his generous nature and desire to share the magic. He states, "The creative spirit only needs a gentle nudge to allow it to soar. Never grow so old that you forget how to dream."
So while soaring with this renaissance man in his studio, I wondered what he thought was the difference between a doll and a marionette. He replied, "Really it's three things. A marionette is moved with strings, a doll is manipulated with hands. The construction of the jointing is different..." He paused for a moment and smiled, "I guess the main difference is that a puppet is a doll that works for a living".
We hope you enjoy this fascinating project.
Judy Beswick
The Cloth Doll magazine is no longer being published and back issues are no longer available from Judy - Try E-bay.
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