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For over 30 years, The Olde World Puppet Theatre has been
creating puppts and performing shows all over the Western United States. Here you will learn about our contributions to American Puppetry as we travel on our incredible journey.
I'd Sure love to hear from you. You can write me at:
pingpong@puppetmuseum. com
Just what is a puppet? Do you know? How many types of puppets are there? Join us for a brief history of puppets from around the world as we travel through time and history.
We've built an amazing number of puppets over the years. Come into our workshop and see just how we build them.
You might be surprised at how we use traditional materials
in non-traditional ways.
Perfect for a rainy day, here you will find puppet projects for kids to make - from a baby dragon to the Cast of Robin Hood. Some of them you can make by yourself, but for some you'll need a little help.
Puppetry is a worldwide art form. Here you will find links to puppeteers in other countries as well as some of our personal friends.
We wouldn't be much of a museum if we didn't have some exhibits for you to explore. This room has wonderful exhibits with lots and lots of pictures.
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