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Join the curators in a special tour of the current puppet exhibit at The Portland Puppet Museum. Each puppet has a story and now has a voice as we journey through their history from birth, through their career, and finally to their new home here in Portland, Oregon.

Laugh with Ping Pong the Panda as he and his colorful Panda cousins explain the history of each different type of puppet and its country of origin ending in a musical number with Kung Fu fighting chopsticks and expandable Chinese takeout boxes, with fortune cookies exploding in the finale for all to enjoy.

Film shorts of various puppets in action over the years, bring cheers from the visitors as we watch puppet movies possibly including a Hermit Crab exploring the ocean floor, an elegant seven foot rabbit puppet spoofing the Tango, and the beloved goat marionettes cavort from
The Sound of Music.

Learn how Portland's own children/family fantasy series,
The Tales of Belvuria was created on DVD and books by the Olde World Puppet Theatre Studios.

The tour lasts about 1 1/2 hours, with plenty of time to stroll around and ask the questions we all haveand bring back some wonderful memories of puppets from our childhood to today's marvels in television and movies.

The museum can handle
a maximum of 25 adults or children INCLUDING chaperones.

Price for the private visit is $175.00 per group.
Private Tours & Workshops at
The Portland Puppet Museum
and Olde World Puppet Theatre Studios
(A special build-a-puppet session can be added to your visit to make a puppet character from our new book, The Enchanted Ring and movie, Witch Key. This adds 1/2 hour to the visit and there is a $8.00 charge per visitor for materials.)

The Portland Puppet Museum is located at:
906 SE Umatilla St, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 233 -7723
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