Ping Pong's Screening Room
We've assembled many of our videos in one place for easy viewing.
More will be added as time goes by. Recent additions include No,No, Pinocchio" and "Silbert & Gullivan's - The Mikado"
Click here to see what we have ready for you.
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History of Our Building
Our building has been in continual use since way back around the turn of the century - no - not this one, the last one. This picture was taken around 1900. To learn more about the building, click here.
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Our downstairs exhibit area is once again open by order of the State of Oregon. Our new exhibit is "Around the World with Puppets" and is open Thursday to Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm.
This display features Puppets from all around the world - some in their Holiday finest, others in their traditional garb, but all of them playing together in Peace, Love, Hope and Harmony.
In our upstairs gift shop, we have assembled Art and Artifacts from the four corners of the World including Puppets that we built and other puppeteers built as well, ranging in price from $20 to $2,000 or higher. Memorabilia from our DVD Movie "Witch Key", Fabrics and Trims from around the world, Exquisite miniature doll houses, Antique Clocks and Puppet Building Kits for kids and their parents to take home and build together.
Hopefully we'll generate enough income through the Sale to help cover our zero income for the last part of 2020, as well as the first part of 2021. Anything you buy will help reduce the Museum deficit.
We're also very excited to announce that the minimum cash donations through "Save World Art" to qualify for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction have been lowered from a $1,000 minimum to a $300 minimum.
So come on by and treat yourself to an extraordinary sale and maybe take home one of Professional hand and rod puppets shown below. Or one of our Build-a-Puppet Kits.
We have Puppets on display from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Far East, the Middle East, the Near East, and everywhere on the globe from which we have puppets. We even have a rare, newly-donated Water Puppet from Vietnam.
Our Inflatable Umatilla Hugging bears will be on display until Valentines Day.