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Nestled deep within the evergreens of Oregon lies the City of Sherwood - long on tradition and a city with one of the largest ongoing festivals in all of Oregon. Each July they meet in the old part of downtown to hold their Robin Hood Festival. This unique celebration, held in conjunction with one in Sherwood England is a trip back to the romantic days of old and the legends of Robin Hood.
To celebrate their 50th anniversary festival, they commissioned the Olde World Puppet Theatre to create and present a new puppet show featuring the legends of Robin Hood. This unique show was created with rod puppets designed to lift off four giant stained glass windows. Each year after, Maid Marion and her court shed their gowns of gold and purple to appear in black behind each puppet, creating the show within the family area of the park.

A beautiful soundtrack with music and special effects was also created to give voice to the characters as the maids perform the classic legend of Robin Hood, the hero who saved a nation and taught us that all men are born to be free.
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