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Witch Key, the DVD Pilot
In 2003, the Olde World Puppet Theatre did just that, with lifesize body puppets in a show set to Meco's disco rock opera score. The show was performed both indoors and outdoors. This low budget, but extraordinary broadway-style show was a crowd pleaser every time.
Last year this rather unique show was blasted by a southern hurricane, and changes came blowing in the wind.There are now plans afoot to retell this unique story, setting the entire production way down in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. New music, new puppets and an entirely new approach are being planned.Come back here to the South Wing to stay informed as the new show progresses.
Meanwhile enjoy the old production. We did, and it was a blast to perform.
The Entire Wizard of Oz in 27 Minutes
Have you ever wanted to journey down the yellow brick road ofOZ?
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