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Wee Sing Under The Sea is a children's movie that was released in 2004.

We built the movie characters
Spike and Ink as well as Hermit, the Hermit Crab, and even performed several of the characters in the movie. Spike, the Pufferfish, is a rod puppet about 18 inches in diameter, with a moving mouth and the ability to puff up like a real puffer fish.

Ink, the Octopus, on the other hand, is one of the biggest puppets we've ever built. He's operated by up to 10 puppeteers, with one sitting inside. When fully operational, Ink measures 12 feet across with all of his tentacles extended. His eyes are robotic, with a puppeteer able to both blink them and move them left or right. His mouth is cable-operated with another puppeteer working those controls.
This film still touches our hearts every time we see it. Such care was taken by Director David Poulshock on this children's musical fantasy as he brought the film to reality, that it truly made it one enjoyable film to work on.

Sue Bonde's colorful designs, and the vision of Pam Nipp and Susan Beale make this one incredible journey using giant puppets as some of the main characters of the film.

We still find ourselves humming some of the tunes after all these years.
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