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Over 80 elegant and colorful characters were developed for the Tales of Belvuria, becoming fast favorites with our live audiences. This room introduces several of them and their hopes for future starring roles in our yet-to-be-released films and books.
After three years of work and dreams, we have finally put one of our beloved stories onto the screen. Come visit our film of Witch Key, and see Belvuria as it comes to life on video. Three generations of children have shared the tales with us in live performances, and this is a tribute to all those childen who have believed in dragons, the Land of Belvuria and, of course, talking Panda Bears.
Our touring shows of painted sets and small props have now grown to elegant splendor in the new film of Witch Key. This is a close look at how this magical place was created. Come backstage with us and stroll through several of the new movie sets. See the enchanted Land of Belvuria take shape and rise in full glory from plaster mud and dreams in an almost primordial way.
From the sparkling windows of Tiffany & Co., San Francisco, to the live stage show of Hunchback of Notré Dame, at Disneyworld, Orlando, we visit some of our past work in films, stage and commercials worldwide. Come visit Wee Sing Under the Sea, The Barq's Root Beer Dog and Rockin' Ralphie, a hip DJ Racoon.
Known for rising to a challenge, you might be surprised at what our studio had a hand in designing and building.
You've seen our work, you just haven't known it was ours.
Our heartwarming and critically acclaimed series of interlocking live shows was developed to feature the ancient art of marionettes. These exciting, original tales were performed for families, in elementary schools, our own live theaters, Children's Hospitals, Shopping Centers and birthday parties throughout the western United States. After performing them live for over twenty years, these tales are now destined for films, books, and e-books.
Here's a bit of history for you. We premiered the pilot version of Witch Key on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California in the Summer of 2010.
Click on Aaron to view our blog about our trip
and to see four clips from the new DVD.
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